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Automation of procurement process in ERP system for SME plant engineering


Creating a new purchase order took a lot of time for an SME plant engineering company and was repeated several times a day. By automating this process, important resources in purchasing can be freed up, and errors in purchasing have been eliminated by automating the workflow.

In plant engineering, especially in drive and automation technology, our customers depend on fast and smooth delivery and procurement processes. Thus, we were able to significantly streamline complex processes in the ERP system at one customer by using intelligent automation technologies.


Initial situation:

The initial situation in this project was characterised by a cumbersome and lengthy operational process in the internal ERP system. This process was carried out for every order of new materials, in this case several times a day. This led to a total effort of almost two hours daily in the entire purchasing area of the company. In addition, there was the error-proneness of the process, as a standardisation of the process had not been done before.



By using maesn's intelligent automation solution, we were able to automate the risky and repetitive process. This is now started at the customer's site via the maesn workspace, it is now only necessary to enter two parameters in the maesn workspace and then the entire process runs through fully automatically in the background. The application is accessible to our customers via the web browser in the internal network.



89% - this is how high the increase in productivity is through the use of maesn in this project. This effect was mainly achieved by the massive time savings in the procurement process of the ERP system. The daily almost two hours of time for the employees became only a few seconds, controlled via the maesn workspace. Additional value was created by analysing the processes and standardising them.

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