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Integration of time recording tool in special ERP


The integration of third-party solutions, e.g., for time recording, to the core systems is a major challenge for many companies. With our intuitive integration platform, we have defined rule-based workflows together with our customers to automatically transfer data from one system to the other. This allows us to always ensure correct and complete data in both systems without manual effort.

Our customer has the problem that different systems within the company are not linked, although this is necessary. By integrating a time recording tool into the customer's ERP system, maesn was able to eliminate time-consuming steps and establish intelligent communication between the systems.


Initial situation:

The customer uses the ClockIn tool for time recording. However, this is not integrated into the ERP system and so data had to be transferred manually from the ERP to the time recording tool for each project. Due to 2-3 projects per week, this work step caused an unnecessary delay in the operational process.



Maesn found a solution for the client so that the ERP system and the time recording tool communicate and automatically exchange necessary data. Thanks to automation of the manual steps, the systems could be connected, and the problem was solved.



Maesn was able to help the client eliminate this unnecessary work step, freeing up valuable labour resources. The planning of projects can now be carried out faster and without errors thanks to the intelligent communication between the ERP system and the time recording tool.

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