delivery notification use case maesn

Delivery notification for Tier 1 automotive supplier fully automated


Before using maesn, the notification of deliveries for our customer was transferred manually and, in an error prone process to a supplier tool. With maesn, this process runs fully automatically without the intervention of an employee and all data from the internal ERP system is transferred completely and without potential for errors.

Our customer, a Tier 1 supplier to several German car manufacturers, has the challenge of meeting the industry's strict quality regulations and regularly improving in the process. With maesn, we have standardised the relevant processes and significantly reduced the potential for errors through automation.


Initial situation:

After an automation assessment was carried out at the customer, it was found that some processes contained high automation potential. A process with the highest business risk was found and automated. In this process, employees had to manually calculate and create delivery note numbers and delivery items. These were created with the help of SupplyOn, the problem was the insufficient integration of the tool and therefore the work steps were not intuitive. As a result, this work step was not only very repetitive due to the manual operation, but also extremely error prone. These errors led to complaints on the customer side, which resulted in enormous costs for our customer.



Maesn helped the client automate this process. An internal process standard was established, followed by implementation at the client's site. With the help of various automation technologies, the best result was achieved. Finally, a customised workspace was created for the client, which was specifically adapted to the requirement. With this, the customer can monitor the process.



The result of the automation of the process at the customer is very clear thanks to the optimal coordination of different automation technologies. 97% of the errors could be reduced. This had various effects. On the one hand, there was a significant increase in quality assurance, but there were also fewer customer complaints, which reduced costs. Thanks to the automatic creation of delivery note numbers and delivery items, the employees of our customer now have more time for the value-adding work processes in the company.

More time for the important things -
maesn does the rest

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