How maesn helps companies with automation


Find out here how maesn's automation solution is used by our customers and how much time the companies save with it.

Maesn Use Case Orders

Automation of
incoming orders

Orders are received by a customer as a PDF document by mail. The transfer of the necessary information was done manually into the company's ERP system. This work step was very time-consuming, as a high number of orders are received per day. Thanks to maesn's help, this business process could be automated.

Maesn Use Case Quality Assurance

Automation of data transfer in the quality assurance department

The quality assurance staff had to transfer data on materials from the supplier from a web interface to their own ERP so that it could be used internally and then passed on to the customer. This process was time-consuming and repetitive for our customer, but thanks to maesn it could be automated, resulting in various advantages.


Automated data extraction from production control system

The data about deliveries out of the CellaTrace production control system was manually transferred into an Excel spreadsheet on a daily basis at our customer. This work step was very time-consuming and repetitive. With maesn's automation solution, the data could be transferred completely automatically.

delivery notification use case maesn

Delivery notification for Tier 1 automotive supplier fully automated

Before using maesn, the notification of deliveries for our customer was transferred manually and, in an error prone process to a supplier tool. With maesn, this process runs fully automatically without the intervention of an employee and all data from the internal ERP system is transferred completely and without potential for errors.

workflow use case maesn

Automation of procurement process in ERP system for SME plant engineering

Creating a new purchase order took a lot of time for an SME plant engineering company and was repeated several times a day. By automating this process, important resources in purchasing can be freed up, and errors in purchasing have been eliminated by automating the workflow.
third party integration use case maesn

Integration of time recording tool in special ERP

The integration of third-party solutions, e.g., for time recording, to the core systems is a major challenge for many companies. With our intuitive integration platform, we have defined rule-based workflows together with our customers to automatically transfer data from one system to the other. This allows us to always ensure correct and complete data in both systems without manual effort.