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Find out here who maesn's Tech Partners are, how they are applied with our customers, and the benefits our Tech Partners bring you.


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Xentral - Business Operations Software for Startups und KMU

Xentral is a business software that enables small and medium-sized companies to work faster and more efficiently. The software networks the different areas of a company. This gives users more transparency and full control over orders, inventories, payments and shipping. The software provides functions in the areas of sales, logistics, team & project, product, finance & controlling.

Tech Partner

Tech Partner

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Clockin - Efficient Time Tracking Tool

With clockin, working times can be recorded via smartphone, tablet terminal & PC. The management of absences such as vacation or illness are also possible with clockin. Project times, travel times, etc. can also be tracked with clockin. Using photo, sketch and note functions, teams can document projects and exchange information about them together. For quality assurance, functions such as digital project files, checklists and digital signatures are included in clockin.

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Lexoffice: The intuitive Software for your Finances

Lexoffice is the relationship builder and digital advisor for entrepreneurs. As an online business solution, lexoffice offers small business owners a wide range of commercial solutions, depending on the version selected: from invoice creation and document entry to annual financial statements and payroll accounting.

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