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What is maesn?

Our Mission

  • The IT landscape of manufacturing companies is characterised by great complexity and heterogeneity. It is not uncommon for 100-200 systems and tools to be in use that fulfil specific functions in tasks and function separately. This isolation results in a multitude of manual activities to manage data in and between systems. For example, 7 out of 10 professionals report that they perform repetitive tasks and manually move data between systems on a daily basis.

    Examples include manually transferring purchase orders from a purchasing software to an ERP system in order to process them in production. The manual transfer of supplier orders and the entry of supplier invoices into the financial system are also examples of manual activities that are part of everyday life, especially in manufacturing companies.

    These activities have in common that they are associated with high effort and risk of error and can lead to delays and inefficient processes.
    Despite the increasing opening of the systems and the expansion of the functional scope and integration options in recent years, there are a large number of areas in which manual activities still have to be carried out for data transmission. The following are two areas that are strongly affected:

    - In connection with expert systems that are not included in the functional scope of the core system (usually ERP system), e.g. warehouse systems, time recording or project management tools.

    - In the peripheral areas for interaction with suppliers, customers or third instances such as offices, e.g. scheduling or purchasing systems.

    With our maesn integration platform, we focus precisely on these systems and processes in the manufacturing industry in order to enable the specialist departments of the companies to automate manual activities in IT systems independently. Due to the often limited IT resources, it is still necessary to build up a feasibility as no-code software.

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