Intelligent automation
of repetitive tasks

Valuable working time must no longer be wasted. Automating manual tasks in your IT systems is the solution. With maesn, we offer the first automation platform for enterprise IT.

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Automated data extraction from production control system

The data about deliveries out of the CellaTrace production control system was manually transferred into an Excel spreadsheet on a daily basis at our customer. This work step was very time-consuming and repetitive. With maesn's automation solution, the data could be transferred completely automatically.


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Delivery notification for Tier 1 automotive supplier fully automated

Before using maesn, the notification of our customer's deliveries was transferred manually and in an error-prone process to a supplier tool. With maesn, this process runs fully automatically without the intervention of an employee and all data from the internal ERP system is transferred completely and without error potential.


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Automation of the procurement process in ERP system

The creation of a new purchase order took a lot of time at a medium-sized plant construction company and was repeated several times a day. By automating this process, important resources in purchasing can be freed up and errors in purchasing have been eliminated by automating the workflow.


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Integration of time recording tool in special ERP system

The integration of third-party solutions, e.g., for time recording, to the core system is a major challenge for many companies. With our intuitive integration platform, we have defined rule-dependent workflows together with our customers to automatically transfer data from one system to the other.


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Automation with advantages

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Specialist for business IT

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No-code-toolbox for automation

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Connecting software on cloud and on premise

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Various automation technologies

How maesn works?

1 Identification of automation potentials

maesn automation potential analysis

Based on our automation assessment developed with RWTH Aachen University, you can identify potentials in your company. You can also find out how to do this in a date-based way with our automation mining tool.

2 Automation with the maesn editor

maesn automation editor

With the help of maesn's workflow editor, own automation strands can be intuitively created, eliminating monotonous and mindless work steps.


3 Focus on the important tasks

maesn automator

That's it! maesn takes care of the tasks you have created in the background and frees up important work capacities for you. You can see the effects of automation in the maesn dashboard.

maesn ipaas whitepaper en

Integration platforms for enterprise software

Read our whitepaper to learn more about integration platforms for enterprise software and why IPaaS can help your business become more efficient and effective!

Why maesn?

Because there is no other solution to automate your daily work processes without programming efforts.

Of yourse, you can also combine workflow tools with RPA frameworks and develop APIs on top of that, but why should you do that? We offer an intelligent solution to intuitively connect and automate your systems, whether they run on your on-site servers or are web systems, in a process-based way.

With the optimal technologies for each system, our connector library offers the flexible possibility to continuously optimise your daily work.


What is maesn doing?
Maesn is an integration platform that automates your business processes. Tedious, recurring, manual tasks are a thing of the past with maesn. Automate processes in software systems, such as the creation of a new item in the ERP system, an order confirmation or picking in logistics. Processes with high automation potential can be found in almost all areas of a manufacturing company. With maesn, employees can once again work in a motivated and value-added manner.
Which processes are suitable for automation?
Which systems/software can maesn connect?
How does maesn communicate and control the existing systems?
How does maesn know what to do?
How do I install maesn?
What is workflow automation?
What do I do when a system or a process changes?

More time for the important things -
maesn does the rest

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