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Integrate your SaaS with every software product via maesn. Connect your solutions with your customers' software landscape - simple!

Integration Possibilities

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Marketplace Integrations with predefined Recipes

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Connector Library ready to go


On-Cloud iPaaS

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Embedded or Whitelabel

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Integration Platforms for Enterprise Software

Read our whitepaper to learn more about integration platforms for enterprise software and why IPaaS can help your business become more efficient and effective!

Why maesn?

Because we make integration simple.


maesn helps you integrate your systems to allow data to flow, tasks to be automated and provide your customers with everything they need. Whether you need integrations in your marketplace, an embedded integration offer or a standalone iPaas - we got you.


What is maesn doing?
Maesn is an integration platform that automates your business processes. Tedious, recurring, manual tasks are a thing of the past with maesn. Automate processes in software systems, such as the creation of a new item in the ERP system, an order confirmation or picking in logistics. Processes with high automation potential can be found in almost all areas of a manufacturing company. With maesn, employees can once again work in a motivated and value-added manner.
Which processes are suitable for automation?
Which systems/software can maesn connect?
How does maesn communicate and control the existing systems?
How does maesn know what to do?
How do I install maesn?
What is workflow automation?
What do I do when a system or a process changes?

More time for the important things -
maesn does the rest

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