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Choosing the Right Option for Your Software Integration

Integration as a Service: Choosing the Right Option for Your Software Integration

In today’s digital world, businesses increasingly rely on the integration of their systems. This is especially true for software companies that need to connect their solutions with other applications and data sources. There are several terms circulating in the market, including Enterprise Software Bus (ESB), Middleware, Enterprise Architecture Integration Software (EAI), Integration Marketplace as a Service (iMaaS), Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), and Hybrid Integration Platforms. 

This blog post compares and distinguishes these different options, also relating our hybrid approach to the mentioned types. 

Enterprise Software Bus (ESB):

An ESB is a central platform facilitating communication between various applications and systems. It is employed by customers, not the software manufacturers themselves. ESBs offer a range of features, including routing, transformation, message queuing, and security. They are a good choice for companies requiring complex integration architecture and possessing substantial in-house capabilities. 


Middleware is a collective term for a software layer that mediates between two or more applications or systems. It can be used to translate different protocols and data formats and simplify communication between applications. 

Enterprise Architecture Integration Software (EAI):

EAI software is a comprehensive solution for integrating enterprise systems. It encompasses features such as routing, transformation, message queuing, security, and business process management. EAI software is suitable for companies in need of a comprehensive integration solution for their entire enterprise architecture, often used synonymously with ESB. 

Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS):

iPaaS is a cloud-based platform offering a range of functions for integrating applications and systems. iPaaS platforms enable companies to create and manage their own integration solutions. They are a suitable option for businesses needing a flexible and scalable integration solution. 

Integration Marketplace as a Service (iMaaS):

iMaaS is a cloud-based platform providing pre-configured integration solutions for various applications and systems. iMaaS platforms are suitable for companies wanting to implement integrations quickly and easily, with end customers obtaining the required integrations directly or indirectly through the iMaaS provider. 

Hybrid Integration Platforms:

Hybrid integration platforms combine the features of different integration platforms. This could be a combination of ESB, iMaaS, and iPaaS. Hybrid integration platforms provide companies with the flexibility to use the features they need. 

Workflow Management Software:

While not explicitly labeled as integration platforms, workflow management software can be used to automate the integration of applications and systems. This can be achieved by creating workflows that control communication between applications and systems. 

Backend Automation Platforms:

Backend automation platforms can simplify the integration of applications and systems by providing features such as automation engines, API management, and data integration. 

Integration Approach Complexity Flexibility Speed Suitability for Complex Architectures Suitability for Rapid Implementation Cloud-Based Scalability 
Enterprise Software Bus (ESB) ++ – ++ – – ++ 
EAI (Enterprise Architecture Integration Software) ++ ++ – ++ – – ++ 
iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ 
iMaaS (Integration Marketplace as a Service) ++ – ++ ++ ++ 
Hybrid Integration Platforms ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ 
Workflow Management Software ++ – ++ ++ ++ 
Backend Automation Platforms ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ 

Maesn – Our Approach:

Maesn is a hybrid integration platform specifically designed for software companies. Similar to Marketplaces-as-a-Service, we develop pre-configured interfaces (with configuration variants) and offer them jointly with our partners in the market. This can be realized through various journeys, either through our store or that of our partners, as an embedded approach. 


Choosing the right integration solution depends on your company’s specific requirements. Maesn offers an innovative hybrid integration platform that combines the advantages of different approaches and is tailored specifically to the needs of software companies. Utilize the flexibility and scalability of our platform to efficiently manage your integrations. 

A more productive, efficient and faster way to work together.

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