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HubSpot: How maesn enables seamless integrations with accounting software

HubSpot is a leading CRM software provider, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). For HubSpot, it’s very important to offer smooth integrations with ERP and accounting systems to provide a complete user experience. Developing these integrations for many different systems is a huge challenge for HubSpot. That’s why they rely on software vendors like maesn to enable these third-party software connections.

Problem: Offering Integrations to ERP and accounting at Scale

For HubSpot, integrating with various software on a large scale is a big challenge. SMEs use many different ERP and accounting systems, each with its own requirements. HubSpot’s main goal is to provide a great CRM experience, not to specialize in every accounting software available. Developing and managing these integrations themselves would require a lot of resources and take away from their core focus.

Solution: Addressing Integration Requirements While Saving Developer Time

To solve this problem, HubSpot teamed up with maesn. The unified API enables easy access to a high number of ERP and accounting software with only one API. This allows HubSpot to offer comprehensive accounting software integrations without using up their own resources.

Currently, HubSpot handles integrations with sevDesk and lexoffice with maesn, two popular accounting systems for SMEs. This enables:

  • Bilateral synchronization of master data
  • Order data exchange
  • Sharing documents like invoices and quotes

“With maesn, we were able to offer integrations to several systems in a short amount of time.”

Aron Gosselin, Strategic Partnerships Manager at HubSpot

Outcome: Increased Awareness and Access, Lower Developer Costs, and Higher Customer Satisfaction

By partnering with maesn, HubSpot provides seamless integrations with key accounting systems without spending much time or effort on these integrations. This brings significant benefits to HubSpot’s customers:

  1. Increased Awareness and Access: Seamless integration capabilities attract customers who already use ERP/accounting software, making HubSpot more appealing to a wider audience.
  2. Lower Developer Costs: Using maesn’s unified API harmonizes the requirements and specifics of each ERP/accounting system, minimizing the need for extensive developer resources.
  3. Higher Customer Satisfaction: Smooth, integrated processes enhance customer satisfaction, which in turn opens up upselling opportunities for HubSpot.

The current integrations with sevDesk and lexoffice are just the start. maesn continuously works on its ERP and accounting portfolios, which means in the same time more integrations for HubSpot.


HubSpot’s collaboration with maesn is a smart way to tackle integration challenges. By using maesn, HubSpot can offer smooth, seamless integrations with accounting software, adding great value for their customers. This lets HubSpot focus on delivering excellent CRM experiences while ensuring their customers benefit from integrated and efficient accounting processes. As more integrations become available, HubSpot’s value continues to grow, making it an essential tool for SMEs aiming to streamline their business operations.

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