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sevDesk Integration for HubSpot

Connecting your sevDesk to HubSpot is simple. It ensures that your data stays in sync between the two systems without any interruptions.

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Introducing the sevDesk – HubSpot Integration

Enhance your CRM and accounting workflow with our sevDesk – HubSpot Integration

Free package:

Free: Mass Transfer of Contacts and Companies

Transfer all contacts and companies from sevDesk to HubSpot or alternatively from HubSpot to sevDesk once.

Business package:

Live Synchronization of Contacts and Companies

Keep both systems always up to date through automatic synchronization of contacts and companies. In this process, the relationships between contacts and companies are also considered. The assignment is done using the email address as an identifier.

Document Transfer from sevDesk to HubSpot

Automatic filing of documents created in sevDesk with the corresponding contact in HubSpot.

The assignment to the corresponding contact is made via the email address as an identifier. Note: No retrospective transfer, but only from the activation of the integration.

Shared data

SevDesk DataData FlowHubSpot Data
Contacts↔️Contact Records
Companies↔️Company Records
Offers➡️Contact Records
Order Confirmations➡️Contact Records
Delivery Notes➡️Contact Records
Invoices➡️Contact Records
Payment Reminders➡️Contact Records
Credits➡️Contact Records
Contacts↔️Contact Properties
Companies↔️Company Properties
Offers➡️Files (CMS)
Order Confirmations➡️Files (CMS)
Delivery Notes➡️Files (CMS)
Invoices➡️Files (CMS)
Payment Reminders➡️Files (CMS)
Credits➡️Files (CMS)
Offers➡️Company Records
Order Confirmations➡️Company Records
Delivery Notes➡️Company Records
Invoices➡️Company Records
Payment Reminders➡️Company Records
Credits➡️Company Records

Unified Data:

Always have the same contacts and companies (including relationships) in HubSpot and sevDesk.

Time Saving:

Say goodbye to manual data entry and save valuable time and resources.

Data Consistency:

Keep your contact information consistent and up to date on both platforms.


Integration Prerequisites:

❗️Ensure you have an active sevDesk account an active HubSpot account, and registration on the maesn marketplace.

Where can I find my API token? See here.

Live Synchronization and Bulk Upload Requirements:

For an enhanced and clear communication of the requirements regarding live synchronization and bulk operations, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Distinct Company Names Required: For both live sync and bulk processes, ensure that the company name is uniquely identified. Variations in capitalization (e.g., “universal STUDIO” vs. “universal studio” vs. “Universal studio”) are considered identical and not acceptable as distinct entries.
  2. Unique Contact Emails Necessary: Similar to company names, contact emails must be unique across operations. Email addresses are case-insensitive; therefore, “” and “” are treated as the same.
  3. Synchronization Timing: The process of live syncing from sevDesk to HubSpot may take a few minutes before the updates are visible within HubSpot.
  4. Data Consistency in HubSpot and sevDesk: The first recorded address, phone number, and domain in sevDesk will be consistently synchronized with the corresponding entries in HubSpot. This ensures data uniformity across platforms.
  5. Country Name in German: When synchronizing data from HubSpot to sevDesk, it is imperative that the country name is specified in German. Failing to do so will result in the country not being recognized by sevDesk during the synchronization process.


⌛ Delays in data visibility may occur due to interface limitations or system data transfer delays, especially:

  • Free Product Volume: In our free tier, data transfers for large contact lists proceed at 1 second per contact, potentially extending transfer times.
  • Historical Document Processing: Automatic document attachments are limited to transactions made one month before the feature’s activation. Earlier documents are excluded.
  • Bulk Operations Data Fields: Bulk operations include only critical fields: for contacts, name, surname, email, address; for companies, name, domain, address.
  • Email and Address Synchronization: In transfers from sevDesk to HubSpot, the contact’s first email and address in sevDesk are used. Document attachments require matching emails in both systems.

For issues or prolonged delays, please contact

A notable constraint in the document synchronization process arises when a document progresses to a subsequent status within a 60-second timeframe, potentially resulting in the prior state of the document not being updated. To illustrate, consider the following scenario:

  • Initially, an offer is made to Company A.
  • Subsequently, a user generates an order confirmation based on this offer.
  • If, within 60 seconds of creating the order confirmation, the user also produces and dispatches a delivery note, there’s a possibility that the order confirmation might not be synchronized with HubSpot.

For the live synchronization processes within sevDesk, there is a specific delay to note: when initiating a flow, it requires approximately 3-4 minutes before the flow actually begins. This delay is exclusively encountered at the start of the flow.

This limitation stems from the polling mechanism employed in our synchronization process, which does not permit polling at intervals shorter than 60 seconds.

Setting Up the Integration:

  1. Click “Connect HubSpot with sevDesk”.
  2. Navigate to the maesn website.
  3. Select “Continue to booking”.
  4. Register or log in to maesn.
  5. Configure integration use cases.
  6. Log in to your sevDesk and HubSpot accounts via maesn.
  7. Enter payment details.
  8. Activate your sevDesk-HubSpot integration!
    For more details, see here.

Product Roadmap

Version 1: Document Sync – BETA

Launch Date: January 2024


  • Document sync functionality
  • Beta release for user testing and feedback
  • See detailed use cases
  • Ability to accommodate new requirements and requests

Version 2: Contact Sync

Estimated Launch Date: February 2024

New Features:

  • Bulk update contacts and companies from sevDesk to HubSpot
  • Bulk update contacts and companies from HubSpot to sevDesk
  • Live contact and company synchronization
  • Capability to incorporate new requirements and requests

Version 3: Quote and Product Sync

Estimated Launch Date: Q2 2024

New Features:

  • Live product data synchronization
  • Creation of quotes in HubSpot with synchronization to sevDesk
  • Option to submit new requirements and requests for consideration

Please feel free to reach out for any additional requirements or inquiries.

For additional support or detailed information, visit our documentation or contact us at

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