Native integrations for Enterprise Software

At maesn, we enable user of enterprise SaaS to easily automate data exchange with native integrations. As partner of software vendors we offer strong integrations at different point of sales.

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Integrations - Connecting Your Software Landscape

At maesn, we are proud of our strong integration capabilities that connect your business to a wide range of systems. Our goal is to improve your operational efficiency by bridging the gap between different software solutions. Check out the range of our integration services.

Connector Library

Discover a wealth of integration possibilities with our extensive Connector Library. We support a wide array of systems, ensuring that your business can effortlessly integrate with the tools it relies on.

No-Code Integration

Our no-code approach empowers you to connect systems without the need for extensive coding expertise. Explore our Connector Library, where ready-to-go connectors await to simplify your integration journey.

On-Cloud iPaaS

Experience the agility of our On-Cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Enjoy secure, scalable, and cloud-based integrations that adapt to the evolving needs of your business.

Embedded or Whitelabel Solutions

Tailor your integration experience with our embedded or whitelabel solutions. We understand that every business is unique, and our flexible options cater to your specific requirements.

Marketplace Integrations

Navigate effortlessly through our marketplace integrations with predefined recipes. Achieve seamless connections between your software and your customers’ systems, ensuring a harmonious digital ecosystem.

Explore the world of integrations with maesn – where connectivity meets simplicity.

Streamline Your Journey in 3 Simple Steps

At maesn, we believe in making your experience seamless and efficient. Explore the simplicity of integrating your systems with our three easy steps:


Begin your integration journey by exploring our extensive Connector Library. Dive into a world of possibilities with ready-to-go connectors designed to simplify the connection between your software and other systems. Discover the power of integration at your fingertips.


Tailor your integration experience to fit the unique needs of your business. Whether you prefer a no-code approach or seek embedded solutions, Maesn offers the flexibility to customize your integration strategy. Select the options that align perfectly with your workflow, ensuring a bespoke and effective integration process.


Execute seamless connections with confidence. Utilize our On-Cloud iPaaS for secure, scalable integrations. Leverage the expertise of Maesn to bridge the gap between your business and the systems it relies on. Connect effortlessly, ensuring a harmonious and efficient digital ecosystem.

We Got the Integration You Need.

Integrate your SaaS with every software product via maesn. Connect your solution with your customers’ software landscape – simple!

Tailored Integration Services

maesn offers the integration solutions you need for a connected future. Integrate your SaaS seamlessly with any software product, ensuring a smooth connection with your customers’ software landscape.

Comprehensive Integration Toolbox

Choose from a comprehensive toolbox of integration options. Whether you prefer ready-to-go connectors or the flexibility of no-code integration, maesn provides the tools you need for a successful integration.

Partner stories

David Martinez
David Martinez
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"Maesn has developed and maintains our integrations with various software systems. Thanks to a robust partnership, we can rely on their support and prompt response times for necessary changes. Through our collaborative efforts, we can focus on advancing our product, knowing that Maesn has a firm handle on the integrations."
Sophie Nguyen
Sophie Nguyen
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“As a small business owner, finding a reliable integration platform was crucial for our growth. Maesn exceeded our expectations with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. The support team was responsive and provided valuable assistance every step of the way. Maesn has become an indispensable tool for our business.”
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez
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“Partnering with Maesn has been a game-changer for our business. The seamless integration options and collaborative approach have allowed us to offer unparalleled solutions to our clients. Maesn’s commitment to innovation aligns perfectly with our values, making them a valued partner in our growth journey.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the answers to common questions about maesn’s powerful integration platform. From suitable automation processes to the systems we connect, find clarity and insights to streamline your business.

What is maesn doing?

maesn is an integration platform designed to enable software companies to connect their systems with third-party providers. The platform focuses on integrating various business functions, including ERP, CRM, sales, accounting, and HR. Additionally, our library includes a range of connectors to facilitate seamless integration across different domains.

Which systems/software can maesn connect?

maesn specializes in connecting various enterprise SaaS solutions, with a particular emphasis on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and accounting systems. Our platform is designed to facilitate seamless integration across a range of software solutions, enhancing interoperability and efficiency for businesses in these critical areas.

How does maesn know what to do?

The automations execute predefined processes whose individual steps are always composed of a system and an activity. The steps are then successively executed by different technologies.

What is workflow automation?

In workflow automation, certain tasks and business processes in a company are not only documented and visualised, but also digitally mapped. This is done by designing and executing automated business processes, e.g. to complete recurring tasks or to forward information and data between employees and systems.

Workflow automation takes over the action of the process and automatically ensures that all components of the process work together correctly and that processes are carried out correctly.

How does maesn communicate and control the existing systems?

Our iPaaS communicates with systems via APIs, and we are not restricted to specific technologies such as REST/SOAP.

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