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maesn is the one API you need to integrate your SaaS with real ERP and accounting use cases.

Unified API for ERP and accounting software

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Why should you spend hundreds of hours to understand every ERP and accounting software, build the integration and maintain it, if maesn has already done it?

Simplified Integration

Our unified APIs streamline the integration process by providing a single interface to connect with multiple ERP and accounting software systems. This simplification reduces development time and complexity, making it easier to integrate.

Consistent Data Management

Our unified APIs ensure consistency in data management for your customers by synchronizing between your SaaS and your customers software. This will boost your customer satisfaction to a new level.


Our unified APIs offer future-proofing capabilities by accommodating API updates and changes in software systems. This flexibility ensures that integrations remain functional and compatible even as technologies evolve, reducing the need for frequent updates and maintenance efforts.

One API for multiple ERP

maesn data model

Clear and well documented data model which fits for all connected ERP systems

Multiple systems at once

With one connection to maesn, you get access to multiple ERP systems

Always latest version

We ensure that API updates are no problem for your integrations

Unified API

Specialized APIs that actually face your required use cases

Maesn’s APIs function bidirectionally with the leading ERP and accounting software solutions. Through our focus on the most relevant integrations, we are well-equipped to assist you in resolving your integration challenges effectively.

Master data synchronization

Effortlessly synchronize essential data with ERP and accounting software, ensuring consistency and accuracy in both records.

Order handling

Streamline the management of orders directly with the ERP or accounting system, from processing to fulfillment, ensuring smooth order workflows.

Warehouse management

Keep the warehousing data in the ERP synchronized in real-time, enabling efficient stock control.

Purchase data management

Tracking orders and invoices efficiently from purchase to payment between your SaaS and ERP software.

Production data management

Facilitate streamlined production planning and tracking by integrating production data seamlessly for ensuring smooth operations.

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